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Construction of Loose-Fitting Shirt Jacket Project 1

Construction of Fitted V Neck Dress Shirt Project 2

Construction of Fitted Wrap Shirtdress Project 3

Construction of Tight Denim Western Shirt Project 4

Full Size Detail Patterns Projects 1-4

Converting Muslin Drape to Paper Pattern

Dart Manipulation

Flat Felled Seam


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Page 26

The link in the last paragraph to an online video is missing. It should be:  Please scroll down to the second video.

Page 120

The pdf cited at the end of the second paragraph doesn’t exist. The information may be found in this pdf: Construction Fitted V Neck Dress Shirt_Project 2

Pattern Tools: Armhole Curves

The armhole lengths in the printed version are incorrect. They should appear as shown in the accompanying pdf, with the shortest lengths at the top, increasing to the longest lengths at the bottom.