Seeds: Safeguarding Our Future by Carolyn Fry wins the coveted Environmental Award at the Garden Media Guild Awards

November 25, 2016

Seeds: Safeguarding Our Future by writer and journalist Carolyn Fry has scooped the Environmental Award at this year's lavish Garden Media Guild Awards at the Savoy Hotel in London. The Environmental Award is awarded to a writer, photographer or broadcaster who has best chronicled a project or subject that has a positive benefit on the environment, tackling it with flair, imagination and clarity.

Described by New Scientist as a "manual for the new era", Seeds: Safeguarding ourFuture, published by Ivy Press and written in collaboration with experts from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, talks us through humanity's complex relationship with seeds through time; explains how the evolution of the seed resulted in Earth's diverse flora; outlines the science of plant reproduction, dispersal and germination; and considers the fascinating ways in which seeds are being used to overcomeenvironmental issues – from greening city wastelands to providing famine foods.

Carolyn Fry is a writer and journalist specializing in science, conservation and natural history. She has written six books, covering climate change, botanical explorers and plantscience. Carolyn has won many awards, including theEuropean Garden Book Prize for Plant Hunters.

For Seeds, Carolyn works with experts from The RoyalBotanic Gardens, Kew, and its pioneering MillenniumSeedbank Project, which aims to safeguard seeds from 25 percent of the world's plant species by 2020. The Seedbank works with international partners in 80 countries.