Elle Excerpts 'The Juiciest Outtakes' from 'House of Redgrave'

May 17, 2013
ELLE Magazine Online has published some excerpts of the Aurum Press title The House of Redgrave: The Lives of a Theatrical Dynasty.

The magazine writes: "Consider the legacy of three generations of actors: Patriarch Michael's near-mythic Shakespearean performances; the prolific careers of his daughters, Lynn and Vanessa; and Vanessa's marriage to groundbreaking filmmaker Tony Richardson. Then, there is the modern-day celebrity of Richardson daughters Natasha and Joely; Natasha's golden-couple marriage to Liam Neeson; and, of course, her tragic end. Tim Adler's unauthorized bio, The House of Redgrave: The Lives of a Theatrical Dynasty details the complex idiosyncrasies and salacious goings-on of a bohemian, politically rebellious, sexually insatiable, hugely talented, and close-knit family. We couldn't put it down."

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