Actor Wil Wheaton Calls The Brewer's Apprentice 'A Dream Come True'

November 14, 2011
Actor Wil Wheaton, who starred in Stand by Me and Star Trek: The Next Generation can't get enough of The Brewer's Apprentice, by Greg Koch and Matt Allyn.

Wheaton, who is a home brewer, said, "This is a dream come true for home brewers: tips on making better beer, directly from the greatest craft brewers on Earth. It's the closest a lot of us will ever get to actually being a brewer's apprentice, and it's a book that's destined to become as dog-eared and wort-stained as How To Brew and The Complete Joy of Homebrewing."

The Brewer's Apprentice is a guide to brewing beer with insights from some of the world's most well-known brewers.