Predator Reviewed in the New York Review of Books

September 22, 2011
Matt Martin's book Predator was reviewed in the September edition of the New York Review of Books. Here is a snippet:
'Most of us have probably heard by now how extraordinary this technology is. Many of the UAV strikes in South Asia are actually orchestrated by operators sitting at consoles in the United States. US Air Force Colonel Matt Martin gives a unique first-person account of the strange split consciousness of this new type of warfare in his book Predator. Even as his body occupies a seat in a control room in Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, his mind is far removed, following a suspicious SUV down a desert road in Iraq or tailing Taliban fighters along a mountain ridge in Afghanistan. ‘I was already starting to refer to the Predator and myself as ‘I,' even though the airplane was thousands of miles away,' Martin notes ruefully.'
See the full feature/review here .