Rockport Publishers Creates App for the iPad

August 22, 2011
Rockport Publishers has always provided designers with outstanding inspirational and educational reference book content and now designers will be able to browse and shop for Rockport's bestselling titles in ebook format through a new app for the iPad.

Since the very nature of graphic design is to make information persuasive through visual representation, our books are visually complex in their presentation. This free app fully preserves and respects this design complexity, supporting both portrait and landscape presentation with a full suite of features to enhance the reading experience.

More than 150 full-color ebooks are currently available and new titles will be added as they are published. Users can download free previews and then purchase and download complete ebooks instantly using an iTunes account.

This app is interactive, giving users the unique opportunity to ask distinguished Rockport authors questions about the latest design trends and topics. Design tips are also featured. Video tutorials show how to browse, read and buy the ebooks, which are fully searchable and offer table of contents that are hotlinked.

Designers can also stay up to date on Rockport news with a section highlighting review coverage of new books and company and author event information.

Rockport is delighted to be able to offer iPad users our great design references as close to their intended format as possible-minus the paper and ink.

From graphic art to fashion design, architecture, and beyond, Rockport Publishers provides designers with the resources they need to create and thrive in a competitive market. Serving as essential components of any design curriculum, our beautifully illustrated books contain the best work from around the globe, providing visits to the most talented studios worldwide with the turn of a page. Students and professionals alike will find necessary guidance on layout design, color, typography, fashion illustration, interior design, and much more.

Visit us at for our full library of titles that will inspire and prepare you for the world of design. And be sure to visit our newly-launched design community, RockPaperInk, where experts like Bill Gardner, Debbie Millman, Stanley Hainsworth, John Foster, and many others share their thoughts, ideas, and passion for the field-and encourage you to do the same.