Printmaking: Traditional and Contemporary Techniques

Printmaking: Traditional and Contemporary Techniques by Ann d'Arcy Hughes

Format: Hardback, 416 Pages
ISBN: 9782940361533
Publisher: RotoVision
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Printmaking is both an inspirational insight into the art and craft of printmaking and also a comprehensive guide to printmaking techniques. Interviews with leading artists give readers an understanding of different working methods, and explorations of printhouses and workshops reveal developments within the various media in this field. Contemporary imagery from leading international artists makes this an exciting, visual encyclopedia. Chapters are arranged according to printmaking technique. Each chapter begins with a full-page print from the featured artist, followed by an interview explaining the medium used. This is followed with a breakdown of the methods undertaken, illustrated with step-by-step photos. Areas of the selected prints are isolated to show the diverse technical processes used by each artist. A comprehensive resources section lists suppliers, workshops, and studios, and provides a synopsis of the various presses, inks, and papers available.

Ann d'Arcy Hughes has enjoyed a long and illustrious career in printmaking. She assisted Anthony Gross at the Slade School of Art in London, and worked with S.W. Hayter at Atelier 17 in Paris before embarking on her lecturing career at the University of Brighton in the UK. Ann was the Regional Organiser with the Open College of the Arts (OCA) for the 10 years before cofounding Brighton Independent Printmaking (BIP). She is a first-prize winner for the Fine Press Book Association Illustration award. Permanent collections of her work include prints at Xerox headquarters, the BBC and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Format: Hardback, 416 Pages
ISBN: 9782940361533
Size: 8.976 in x 10.236 in / 228 mm x 260 mm