Alice's Wonderland A Visual Journey through Lewis Carroll's Mad, Mad World

Alice's Wonderland by Catherine Nichols

A Visual Journey through Lewis Carroll's Mad, Mad World

Format: Hardback, 216 Pages
ISBN: 9781937994976
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Alice's Wonderland dives down the rabbit hole and looks at the dazzling ways that Wonderland has been imagined by artists, filmmakers, writers, and more. Get a behind-the-scenes looks at how the books were created, meet Alice Liddell, the inspiration for the fictional Alice, and view the original manuscript copy of Alice in Wonderland, illustrated in Carroll's own hand.

The fantastical world imagined by Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) - where a white rabbit carries a pocket watch, a crying baby morphs into a squealing pig, and a flamingo is used as a croquet mallet - has inspired countless artists to produce some of their best work. Illustrators such as John Tenniel, chose to tackle the work directly, producing illustrations, films, and shows that strive to accurately depict Wonderland. Others, such as artist Salvador Dali and director Tim Burton, freely adapted Dodgson's creation, using it as a springboard for their own incredible interpretations. Lushly illustrated paintings, artwork, and sketches, Alice's Wonderland explores how artists in different fields like art, music, theater, film, and more have interpreted Carroll's works through the ages. A must-have book for any Alice fan.

Catherine Nichols is the author of more than 60 books for readers of all ages including a series about great artists for young readers and Color Yourself Smart: Masterpieces of Art. She writes the blog The Cath in the Hat.

"Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland is one of the great works of children's literature. Catherine Nichols explores the legend in the lush and exhaustive Alice's Wonderland" - Campus Circle

"This lushly illustrated volume takes the reader down an engaging path with Alice andher friends. I can't seem to stop browsing through these pages--neither will you." - Free-Lance Star