Pink Floyd Behind the Wall

Pink Floyd by Hugh Fielder and Hugh Fielder

Behind the Wall

Format: Hardcover Book , 240 Pages
ISBN: 9781937994259
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With a music career spanning nearly half a century, Pink Floyd is one of the most successful rock bands in history. With more than 250 million album sales to their name, Pink Floyd continues to remain hugely popular worldwide. Both Rolling Stones and VH1 have named Pink Floyd one of "The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time", and they continue to attract new generations of fans. They were inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 and the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2005. Their 2011 "immersion" box sets for their classic Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here albums were met with unanimous critical acclaim and prolific press. The Wall Live concert tour featuring Roger Waters was the second highest grossing concert tour in North America in 2010 (over $89.5 million dollars) and the sixth highest in the world. In this, the first complete illustrated history of Pink Floyd from 1965 through today, author and journalist Hugh Fielder gets behind the wall and recounts the band's entire history, analyzes their recordings, and provides a complete discography. Readers will discover stories behind the band's formation, recordings, and tours, as well as the bitter disputes, both public and private. Complemented with more than 250 images, including live performance and candid off-stage photographs, as well as rare memorabilia like gig posters, concert tees, picture sleeves, backstage passes, buttons, and ticket stubs, this is the book that every Floyd fan will want on their shelf.

Hugh Fielder was a news editor for Sounds, he worked at Billboard's London Bureau, and was editor of Tower Records' Top Magazine.˙Through his career, he's shared a spliff with Bob Marley, a cup of tea with Keith Richards, a pint with Robert Plant, a glass of wine with Roger Waters and David Gilmour (not together, obviously), and a frosty stare with Axl Rose.˙He is the author of Punk: The Brutal Truth and Lady Gaga: A Monster Romance.
Format: Hardcover Book , 240 Pages
ISBN: 9781937994259
Illustrations: 250 color and b/w photos
Size: 9.25 in x 10.75 in / 235 mm x 273 mm
"How do you possibly go about chronicling a career that has spanned nearly 50 years, through numerous incarnations, an ever evolving sound and resulted in album/CD sales in excess of 250 million copies and hundreds of millions of dollars in concert ticket sales by what is arguably one of the greatest rock ‘n' roll bands ever? That is the Herculean task that was undertaken by music journalist Hugh Fielder in Pink Floyd: Behind the Wall. Along the way Fielder approaches things from a variety of perspectives including that of a music journalist, a historian and notably a fan. It is that loving fan's perspective that serves Fielder so well when he delves in the pressing questions that have been left unanswered for many when it comes to the band's parting ways with founder Syd Barrett and the internal machinations and infighting that lead to the band's seemingly final dissolution. He does a nice job of recapping Barrett's post Floyd life and eventual death in 2006." - Jeff Johns, My Big Honkin Blog
"Having spent most of their career looking dour in T-shirts and jeans, Pink Floyd wasn't the most photogenic of bands. Perhaps that's why it has taken so long for someone to publish an image-heavy illustrated history of the band when there are already quite a number devoted to their brethren in The Beatles, Stones, Who, and Zeppelin. On the up side, they were always interesting to look at in their paisley garb during their most vital era with Syd Barrett and their stage sets were awe-inspiring enough in the later years to consume the eye. Writer Hugh Fielder seems pretty consumed by those sets, spending quite a bit of time discussing the logistics of setting them up in Pink Floyd: Behind the Wall. Otherwise, his text is a broad-stroke history of the band. Fielder is definitely not writing for my fellow Syd cultists, summing up Syd's albeit brief tenure in the band in about thirty pages and giving the bulk of his attention and accolades to Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. For the majority of the book, Fielder is not very critical of the music one way or the other, saving his album-by-album assessment for an appendix as safe as the rest of it. My favorite part was a two-page spread on the wacky Wizard of Oz/Dark Side connection. More fun side roads such as these would have been welcome." -