The Digestive Health Solution - Expanded & Updated 2nd Edition

The Digestive Health Solution - Expanded & Updated 2nd Edition by Benjamin Brown

Your personalized five-step plan for inside-out digestive wellness

Format: Paperback / softback, 272 Pages
ISBN: 9781925335385
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Discover personalised, effective and natural solutions for your optimal digestive health. The Digestive Health Solution explores the mind–body connection, food intolerances, gluten sensitivity, dietary changes and key issues in the digestive system and provides practical ways to transform your digestive health.
It looks at research on popular natural medicines, sifting fact from fiction and uncovering evidence-based, safe treatments that can enhance your digestion and improve, or even eliminate, symptoms fast.
Using a personalised approach you can then follow an easy five-step plan for quick symptom relief, improve your health from the inside out and enjoy better digestive health, for life. This new edition includes updated information on gut bacteria and parasites, the FODMAP diet, additives and preservatives and a diet summary table.

Benjamin Brown is a naturopath, science writer and speaker. He is a lecturer and on the advisory boards at the UK College of Nutrition and Health (BCNH) and guest lectures at various educational institutions and in university settings. Ben regularly speaks at major conferences and delivers continuing professional development courses on integrative medicine.

Format: Paperback / softback, 272 Pages
ISBN: 9781925335385
Size: 5 in x 7.75 in / 127 mm x 196.85 mm
Edition: Second Edition
"Impressively informed and informative, thoroughly 'user friendly' in organization and presentation, The Digestive Health Solution is a complete course of study under one cover and very highly recommended"
"The talented Ben Brown has taken the reader through the trenches of the digestive terrain in a way that is multi-faceted, personalised, and most of all, solves the problem!"
"The book is written in a clear and simple format and offers a lot of information and advice regarding to IBS. It is an essential guide for anyone wanting to improve the health of their digestive system.”
"a revolutionary book”