A Scottish Year

A Scottish Year by Tania McCartney and Tina Snerling

Twelve Months in the Life of Scotland's Kids

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Format: Hardback, 32 Pages
ISBN: 9781921966873
Publisher: EK Books
Series: A Kids' Year
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Meet Isla, Sophie, Dominik, James and Rashida - Scottish children representing a multicultural blend of culture and race that typifies our beautiful country. They will take you through a year in the life of Scottish kids, from celebrations to traditions to events, to our everyday way of life and the little things that make childhood so memorable. They are our Scottish childhood.

A Scottish Year is a picture book bursting with national pride. It is a snapshot of who we are as a nation, blending our modern-day culture and lifestyle with past traditions and strong heritage. Its pages feature meandering text, dates and gorgeous illustrations, showcasing our five Scottish children at play, at school, at home, and enjoying the sights and sites of Scotland - from our heather-strewn Highlands to our historical cities, pristine outer islands and charming rural towns.

Tania McCartney is an award-winning author of both children's and adult books, with a particular passion for picture books. An experienced editor, illustrator, speaker and publisher, she has written more than thousand articles and reviews, both in print and online. She is also the founder of Kids' Book Review, one of the foremost children's literacy websites and the Facebook phenomenon, the 52-Week Illustration Challenge. An ACT Ambassador for the National Year of Reading (2012), Tania is passionate about literacy and has spent many years presenting and speaking on reading, books and writing. The writing talent behind the internationally successful Kid's Year series, Tania has lived in France, England and China, but now lives in Australia with her family. Her recent books include Australia: Illustrated and Smile Cry, a CBCA Notable Book for 2017.

Tina Snerling is an illustrator, graphic designer, creator, mother and Art Director at Spencil, a children's stationary company since 2013. Tania has illustrated the award winning Kid's Year series and is privileged to spend the most part of her days daydreaming out her sun drenched window, creating worlds that allow her to travel anywhere without leaving her studio.

Format: Hardback, 32 Pages
ISBN: 9781921966873
Series: A Kids' Year
Size: 10.25 in x 9.75 in x 0.325 in / 260.35 mm x 247.65 mm x 8.255 mm

"The lively illustrations are a superb part of these books and they will engage children's attention. It would be good to use these books together, to see where the similarities are and to discuss the differences. This book ends with a list of regions and an annotated map of Scotland."- Parents in Touch

"Explains traditions and events in a way children can understand." - Scots News

"Ideal for children with Scottish heritage, families and those wanting to know more about other cultures."- School Days Magazine