Art Therapy: Mosaics

Art Therapy: Mosaics by Sylvie Pinsonneaux

100 Designs Colouring in and Relaxation

Illustrated by:
Format: Hardback, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9781910254691
Publisher: Jacqui Small
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Colour your stress away with 100 beautifully drawn mosaics and azulejos in the latest instalment of the Art Therapy series.

The stunning variety of the world’ s decorative arts is gathered together in this unique collection of motifs: ancient Roman mosaics that highlight the depth and colour of marble; Byzantine mosaics from historical locations such as Ravenna and Istanbul; Florentine mosaics encrusted with sparkling precious stones; intensely blue Spanish and Portuguese azulejos and pale yellow, green and blue Moroccan tile works… Let your senses drift away as you contemplate and colour in these exquisite shapes, and use your imagination to visualise the riveting colours of each location in your mind’ s eye.


SYLVIE PINSONNEAU  is a freelance Art Director with experience of working in print, web design and illustration.Studying Fine Arts and then Art History at the Sorbonne, she has worked all over Europe for companies such as Publicis, and her drawings have featured in magazines such as  Cosmopolitan, Vogue  and  Le Monde.

Format: Hardback, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9781910254691
Illustrations: 100 illustrations
Size: 8.268 in x 11.693 in / 210 mm x 297 mm