Fabric Pictures

Fabric Pictures by Janet Bolton

Format: Hardback, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781909342965
Publisher: Jacqui Small
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To call what Janet Bolton makes with fabric ‘ patchwork’ doesn’ t do justice to her creations – hers are images, pictures that capture fragments of an imagination that can strike anywhere, at any time.

In Fabric Pictures, Janet shows you how to create beautiful pictures on fabric. Taking you through her personal method, she will guide you to find the inspiration around you and teach you how to turn your creativity into a textile project and develop your personal ‘ voice’ .

The book is divided into two main sections – the first on how to find inspiration, the second on how to put your ideas into practice, complete with a step by step example that will show you every stage of construction from beginning to end. Just like in her workshops, Janet’ s guidance in the book is friendly, reassuring and inspiring – once you finish your first project you won’ t be able to wait to start the next.

JANET BOLTON composes textile pictures using the simplest of hand sewing techniques. Her inspiration comes from experience, memory and imagination. The placement of each element within the composition and the feeling this evokes are an important factor of the work. Janet has been on the Crafts Council selected index of makers since 1985. Her work appears in many private and public collections including the British Council, the Crafts Council and the Embroiderer's Guild Museum.

Format: Hardback, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781909342965
Size: 8.268 in x 9.843 in / 210 mm x 250 mm