A World of Quilts

A World of Quilts by Cassandra Ellis

Designing and Making Contemporary Quilts Inspired by Traditional Patterns

Format: Hardback, 192 Pages
ISBN: 9781909342149
Publisher: Jacqui Small
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In A World of Quilts, Cassandra Ellis strips things back to this basic premise, sharing her love of cloth, colour and creating, while guiding the reader through the many different types of quilt they can make and the processes involved.

The quilts vary in difficulty, quilting style, size and fabric choices, covering every skill needed to make a truly personal quilt.

Drawing inspiration from 25 traditional quilt designs from around the world, Cassandra Ellis gives each quilt a unique and contemporary spin, whether that’s through a different application of the basic block that makes up the design or through her combination of fabrics in colour palettes that appeal to a modern aesthetic.

As the fascinating origin of each design is explored, it soon becomes apparent that the rich history of quilting in disparate cultures around the world exhibits a common theme – that of storytelling through the simple piecing of fabric and the shared process of creating.

From English Piecing to Amish Sawtooth, Pojagi to Drunkard’s Path, each of the stunning quilts is made using a time-honoured technique – freestyle, blocks, curves, triangles or appliqué. Cassandra guides you through every step, with advice on fabric choices, and cutting and piecing instructions accompanied by an easy-to-follow diagram and evocative photographs of the finished quilt. With a comprehensive technical section, ‘Quilt Masterclass’, A World of Quilts provides you with all the inspiration, encouragement and practical skills required to create an heirloom quilt.

CASSANDRA  ELLIS is a designer and maker of high-end quilts and homewares. Originally from New Zealand, Cassandra now runs her own London-based design studio, where she teaches contemporary craft and interiors workshops. She also teaches at Charleston in East Sussex, the former home of Bloomsbury Group artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant.

Cassandra’s gorgeous designs are stocked by leading retailers, including Liberty
of London, and she works directly with clients on commissions and interior design projects. Her work has been featured in Elle Decoration, House & Garden, Easy Living and Red. Cassandra’s first book, Quilt Love, was published by Jacqui Small in October 2012. She is the author of Cloth (2013) and also writes an inspirational blog: http://havenworkroom.blogspot.com., www.cassandraellis.co.uk

Format: Hardback, 192 Pages
ISBN: 9781909342149
Illustrations: 250 colour photographs
Size: 10.63 in x 8.268 in / 270 mm x 210 mm

"all the inspiration, encouragement and practical skills required to create an heirloom quilt."

‘an amazing book…  packed with inspiration and tips’

‘Beautifully styled… perfect for the modern home.’

‘a book to covet, inspire and learn from… this book makes you feel that you really could make something glorious’

"the inspiration factor with A World of Quilts is the real prize"

"the inspiration factor with A World of Quilts is the real prize."

"beautifully styled and photographed . . . A World of Quilts pays homage to a time-honoured craft accessible to everyone."

"Step inside to a sumptuous world of quilts - a celebration of 25 beautiful traditional quilts."