Finding Mr Right

The Real Women's Guide to Landing that Man

Finding Mr Right
ISBN: 9781907532733
Publisher: JR Books
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Many women in their mid-thirties and beyond find themselves reluctantly single, and begin to panic, believing that time is running out. Will they never meet a life partner? Will they miss out on having children? Finally, help is at hand!
Annie HarrisonOs unique text examines the topic of overcoming singledom, without preaching or patronising, and offers inspirational, revelatory and soul-searching true-life tales of the tumultuous quest for love.
Finding Mr Right offers an expert guide, as well as hope, comfort and reassurance, to the thousands of smart women who have been passed over in the love stakes and are still awaiting Othe oneO, whose lives are accompanied by the background ticking of their biological clocks.
Perspectives are provided by OwidowsO of serial monogamists, men and women who are now a happy part of a couple, single parents, divorcees, those who are still waiting for something to happen and those who have decided to have children by themselves. Frank, revealing and sometimes surprising, it provides an illuminating insight on the nature of love and happiness.
With articles from journalists, including Mariella Frostrup, Amanda Platell and Toby Young, as well as dating agency owners, fertility experts, academics, agony aunts, relationship psychologists and even mistresses, Finding Mr Right is essential reading for any single woman who wants to find happiness and move her life on.

Annie Harrison had a 20-year career in PR, ghostwriting articles for clients. For the last three years she has been writing for her own personal gratification and this is her first book. She 'crossed the marriage line' with inches to spare in her thirties and had two sons in her early forties, after numerous unsuitable relationships and many errors along the way.

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ISBN: 9781907532733