Sizzling Sex

The Sex Doctor's 250 Hottest Tricks and Techniques

Sizzling Sex The Sex Doctor's 250 Hottest Tricks and Techniques
ISBN: 9781907532610
Publisher: JR Books
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Did you know that if you've been with your partner for more than one year it's unlikely that you've tried any new sex tip, trick or technique for at least four months!? Rescue is at hand with Dr Pam's new book! Packed with her top sex tips for you to try D whether you're single and simply having fun, in a new relationship and needing some hot tips, or a long-standing one and looking for new ideas D Dr Pam shares her extensive knowledge of how to keep things sexy. It only takes the occasional hot and sexy tip to liven things up so this book will be your instant, quick reference guide to sexual heaven with very little effort! Dr Pam's spoken to thousands of people over the years and her Sizzling Sex only includes the very best, easiest to use, sex tips ranging from the fun and saucy to the downright dirty. Including sex tips to use before, during and after sex, from giving mind-blowing oral sex to livening up sex positions as well as much, much more, even the most experienced lover will find something new and exciting. Dr Pam is a well known Olove and sex docO, solutions coach, agony aunt, broadcaster and writer who has advised millions of people through radio, television, newspaper and magazine columns and the internet. She's written a number of self-help books including Fabulous Foreplay, Sinful Sex and Sensational Sex D number one best sellers.

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ISBN: 9781907532610