Great Showbiz & Theatrical Anecdotes

A Connoisseur's Collection

Great Showbiz & Theatrical Anecdotes
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Format: Paperback / softback, 432 Pages
ISBN: 9781906217846
Publisher: JR Books
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‘Makes you feel you knew the man…It’s a long, luxurious lunch in the Garrick, stuffed with tales’ Guardian Containing thousands of anecdotal gems, witty or malicious putdowns, potted biographies and caustic one-liners, collected and collated by the master of gossip and connoisseur of showbiz lore, this is the ultimate collection of theatrical anecdotes. Which Lyric writer perpetrated the immortal line ‘Every pedagogue goes to bed agog?’ Which Holly wood Actress was told by an even more famous British one that she was ‘so sane for a movie star’? And who, in response to an estate agent giving details of a possible house to purchase that came with a maid, a secretary and a chauffeur, wrote a telegram: ‘AIRMAIL PHOTOGRAPH OF CHAUFFEUR’? From Norma Shearer to Showbiz Telegrams and from Casting to George Clooney, this is a treasure trove of fascinating stories. Lovers of showbiz in all its forms, from theatre to television and musicals to operatta, will welcome this new much-admired work. Ned Sherrin worked for both the BBC and ITV, including ground-breaking shows such as That Was The Week That Was. A film producer, theatrical director, presenter and sparkling raconteur he was best known for his many years on Radio 4’s Loose Ends. ‘Sherrin was the doyen of gossip’ Mail on Sunday

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Format: Paperback / softback, 432 Pages
ISBN: 9781906217846
Size: 5.079 in x 7.756 in / 129 mm x 197 mm