Stirling Moss - Rally Driver

Stirling Moss - Rally Driver
Format: Hardback, 112 Pages
ISBN: 9781906133931
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Best known for his extraordinary skills at the wheel of racing cars, Stirling Moss was also an extremely effective rally driver. He entered many rallies from the early 1950s on, usually achieving top ten results in a variety of makes, initially Sunbeam-Talbot and in later years Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Aston Martin and Saab.

He very nearly won the Monte Carlo Rally at his first attempt in 1952, losing only narrowly to Sydney Allard, and then went on to join the exclusive club of rally drivers who won a coveted Coupe d’Or on the Alpine Rally, one of the toughest events in the calendar.

His contribution to pace notes, based on the technique used in his astounding Mille Miglia win with Denis Jenkinson, is told here, together with his abortive attempt at the East African Safari Rally with his brother-in-law, Eric Carlsson. Africa was not kind to Moss – he nearly died on another rally when stranded in a remote part of the Sahara Desert and was lucky to be rescued.

The cars he drove, the teams, the co-drivers, all are covered in this record of the amazing and often overlooked rally driving career of the legendary Stirling Moss.

The author

Vic Quayle was born in the Isle of Man into a family very closely connected with the motorcycle trade and, inevitably, the famous TT races on the 37-mile Mountain Course along closed public roads. He started a lifelong interest in rallying in his early teens when watching films of the Monte Carlo and Alpine Rallies that were broadcast on television to test the new BBC2 channel. He joined a motor club on getting his first car, an Austin A30, and competed over the coming years, moving on to a variety of Ford Escorts, mainly in road rallies at regional level, but also a few stage events. As so many did, he would load up the car with mates every November and spend a week trekking around the country watching the RAC Rally – when it was a proper rally! He also ventured to the Alps one year to watch the Alpine Rally. After a gap he returned to road rallying in a Peugeot 309GTI, and co-drove an MGC in HERO’s Classic Malts Historic Rally. With his wife, Pam, he took a 4x4 on another of HERO’s events, the Inca Trail, covering 25,000kms around South America and winning a Gold Medal. This rally is covered in his book A High in the Andes. Vic has undertaken other endurance car trips, usually to raise funds for charity. He has also written about his travels in remote areas of Australia in Waltzing Matilda Around Australia, and helped on rallies over there including Rally Australia, a round of the World Rally Championship.

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Format: Hardback, 112 Pages
ISBN: 9781906133931
Illustrations: 150 color photos
Size: 8.5 in x 10.5 in / 215.9 mm x 266.7 mm

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