Spectacular Cakes

Spectacular Cakes by Mich Turner

Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781903221396
Publisher: Jacqui Small
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The special occasion cake always takes centre-stage when family, friends and colleagues come together in celebration. This book is a versatile guide, for the novice and the more experienced cake decorator alike, to create a selection of stunning cakes for formal or informal events that will add that all essential ‘wow’ factor to any event.

Deciding on a decoration for your cake can be a huge dilemma. The design you choose should befit the occasion and be a reflection of the personality of the recipient. From dramatic tiered wedding cakes to the more unusual patisserie dessert cakes; and from sculptural chocolate masterpieces to delicately iced individual miniature cakes, Mich Turner’s extensive repertoire of designs is truly inspiring, and complements her established reputation for producing cakes for a broad spectrum of celebrity clients.

The basic principles for choosing and designing your cake are essentially the same, whether the cake is for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or christening. Mich guides you through the many layers of decision-making; from establishing the celebration theme to the different cake shapes to choose from, from the type of icing that is most suitable to use, to the specific decorative techniques that give the cake its unique appeal.

Divided into five chapters –‘Cake Techniques’; ‘Iced Cakes’; ‘Chocolate Cakes’; ‘Cakes by Event’; and ‘Signature Cakes- the book covers all the relevant technical and decorative aspects of creating the perfect cake.

The range of designs featured will enable the reader to develop their skills and confidence, and delight those for whom they are making the cake!

Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781903221396
Size: 11.024 in x 9.252 in / 280 mm x 235 mm