Tony Brooks  Poetry in Motion: Autobiography of a supreme Grand Prix driver

Tony Brooks by Tony Brooks

Poetry in Motion: Autobiography of a supreme Grand Prix driver

Format: Hardback, 276 Pages
ISBN: 9781899870837
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It has taken 15 years of relentless persuasion to convince Tony Brooks that he should write his autobiography. In the 1950s he revealed himself to be one of Britain's foremost grand prix drivers, yet throughout his career he shunned publicity, preferring to let his on-track performances speak for themselves. This is why Sir Stirling Moss, on many occasions his team-mate in Formula One and sports car races, has described him as "the greatest 'little known' driver of all time".

His motor racing career began at Goodwood in 1952 at the wheel of his mother's Healey Silverstone sports car. Three years later, having never previously sat in a Formula One car, he drove a Connaught to victory in the Syracuse Grand Prix, beating the entire Maserati works team at a time when the Italians dominated the sport; it was the first GP victory for a British car and driver for 31 years.
Tony's unique combination of speed and smoothness, which has inspired his choice of Poetry in Motion as the title of his book, was to lead to works drives with Aston Martin, BRM, Vanwall and Ferrari, bringing him Grand Prix and sports car victories on Europe's three most challenging circuits ? Spa-Francorchamps, the Nürburgring and Monza. 
Through his extensive autobiography, he explores in great detail the fundamental differences between the hazardous sport of motor racing in his day with the safety and electronically aided business environment in which Formula One operates today. From an era when death on the track was all too commonplace, he survived two major accidents to complete a career trilogy embracing dentistry, motor racing and the motor business. Now retired, he retains strong links with the sport and is frequently to be seen at major events which honour the history of the sport and its participants.     
Tony Brooks is unique amongst living grand prix stars in that throughout his racing years he shunned publicity and press interviews, believing that his performances on the track should speak for themselves. As a result he is, perhaps, the least well known of the top drivers, a situation which should be remedied by the publication of this long overdue book. Just how good was he? Sir Stirling Moss, who was Tony's team-mate on many occasions with the Vanwall Formula 1 and Aston Martin sports car teams, had this to say of him: "If I was going to have a team I would put Tony Brooks at No.1, with Jim Clark alongside him. Tony was that good. He was careful with the car and very, very fast." Although Tony Brooks was trained as a dental surgeon, his passion for driving took him in a different direction. His racing career lasted for 10 years, from 1952 until 1961, when he went into the motor trade, building a tired old garage into a major retail conglomerate before retiring during the 1990s. His early races in his mother's Healey Silverstone soon led to invitations to drive cars for others, then his studies in dentistry were interrupted when he was offered the chance to drive a Connaught Formula 1 car for the first time in the 1955 Syracuse Grand Prix. He had never seen the circuit, or driven any F1 car, but he won the race, beating the all-powerful four-car Maserati works team. Next he raced for BRM, then Vanwall, then Ferrari, his artistry in the cockpit earning him victories on the sport's most demanding circuits -- the Nu00fcrburgring, Spa and Monza. In the most dangerous era of racing he survived two major accidents and today, having just celebrated his 80th birthday, he is a popular guest at major motor sport functions.
Format: Hardback, 276 Pages
ISBN: 9781899870837
Illustrations: 250 b-w & color photos
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