The Hair Bible

A Complete Guide to Health and Care

The  Hair Bible
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Format: Paperback / softback, 192 Pages
ISBN: 9781854109064
Publisher: Aurum Press
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With clinics in London and New York and a client list that includes celebrities, politicians and royalty, Philip Kingsley, the Sunday Times ‘ Hair Doctor’ , is widely recognised as a leading authority on his subject.

The Hair Bible collects over fifty years of the author’ s expertise into a book that provides you, whatever your age, sex or race, with a complete guide to preserving and enhancing the health and appearance of your hair – one of your most vital personal assets.

In nearly thirty comprehensive chapters, Kingsley explains how to identify your hair type and to select shampoos and conditioners to match it; how to avoid the dangers inherent in potentially damaging processes such as drying, permanent waving, colouring, bleaching and the use of combs, brushes, curlers, rollers and pins. He deals with everyday problems such as split ends and dandruff as well as less common problems that may be the result of allergies, ill-health or climate.

From babies’ and children’ s hair; through the issues that may arise in pregnancy or old age, with medications or the birth control pill; to a full and frank discussion of hair loss and available treatments, The Hair Bible is a complete guide to healthy and radiant hair.

Whether you consider your hair to be your crowning glory, a problem that just won’ t go away, or something that is going away all too fast, this book will provide you with help, reassurance and practical advice that can be put to immediate, beneficial use.

The author

With clinics in London and New York and a client list that includes stars, celebrities, politicians and royalty, Philip Kingsley is widely recognised as a leading authority on his subject. Called “The Hair Doctor” by The Times and “The Hair Guru” by The New York Times, Philip Kingsley, born in London, has been a practising trichological consultant since 1957 and a Fellow and past Chairman of the Institute of Trichology. After being a consultant trichologist to a prestigious Mayfair hair salon, the first Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic opened in London in 1960. In response to demand for the service in America he founded the Philip Kingsley Trichological Centre in New York, which opened in 1977. The list of Kingsley's clients reads like a world's Who's Who. He even created the product Elasticizer specifically for Audrey Hepburn, and has continued to develop a wide range of award-winning hair care products. Philip Kingsley regularly contributes expert advice to newspapers and magazines and has appeared on many television programmes, both in Britain and the United States. He is author of The Hair Bible, published by Aurum.

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Format: Paperback / softback, 192 Pages
ISBN: 9781854109064
Size: 5.433 in x 8.504 in / 138 mm x 216 mm

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