Developing Your Style in Textile Art
Sandra Meech
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Renowned textile artist and author Sandra Meech teaches you how to develop and create your own style in textile art with helpful advice and style challenges.

In this inspirational and practical guide to artistic style and design, Sandra Meech explains that by exploring in-depth personal themes, addressing different creative approaches, making good choices with design, materials and techniques and exhibiting your work as a dynamic series, you can, over time, achieve a recognizable and unique style of your own. Throughout the book, Sandra provides 'style challenges' where you can develop what you have learned and put it into practice.

By creating a consistent look and feel to your work, Sandra helps you begin to feel more confident in your work and communicate a clear message and purpose. To begin with, 'Where to start?' introduces you to a number of different artists and textile makers whose styles are inimitable and help you identify the core of their style. From then on, Sandra explains effective ways to keep sketchbooks, and how to consolidate research and writing to help you think about what you appreciate in art. In the chapter 'Making important choices', you begin to form your artistic identity by understanding how a technique or material can form the backbone of your style. 'Creating a unique style' teaches you the basics of design and composition, and 'Working in series' teaches you how to establish your artistic voice and artist's statement. Lastly, 'What's next' explains clearly the best ways to promote yourself online and how to organize an exhibition.

Developing Your Style in Textile Art is a creative guide ideal for textile artists of all levels – students, teachers and practising artists and makers – to make unique and beautiful works.

Format Hardcover Book 128 Pages
ISBN 9781849944656
Size8.50 in x 10.87 in / 216.00 mm x 276.00 mm
Published Date April 7th, 2022
Sandra Meech

Award-winning quilt artist Sandra Meech is a teacher and lecturer who works with textile groups in the UK and abroad. She is a member of Quilt Art and exhibits widely around the world. She is the author of Creative Quilts, Connecting Design to Stitch, Connecting Art to Stitch and Contemporary Quilts.

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