I Love You, Bunny

I Love You, Bunny by Alina Surnaite

Format: Hardback, 24 Pages
ISBN: 9781847808752
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Suzy is afraid to go to sleep, because a monster might come when she's sleeping. Mummy tells her not to worry, as Bunny will chase the monsters away. But at the break of dawn, a shadow creeps into the room, and Bunny disappears... Suzy is scared and runs straight to her Mummy. However, when Misty the cat creeps into the room, holding Bunny in his mouth, Suzy realises that, though things can look scary in the dark, really there's nothing to be afraid of. A beautiful, reassuring heart-warming story about being afraid of the dark that is perfect for reading at bedtime.

ALINA SURNAITE is a Lithuanian freelance illustrator working in the UK. She is a graduate of the MA Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art. 

Format: Hardback, 24 Pages
ISBN: 9781847808752
Size: 9.449 in x 10.827 in / 240 mm x 275 mm
'A  warm story that will reassure little ones who are worried about monsters in the shadows... Alina Surnaite's debut picture book is quiet but full of emotional resonance... The soft pastel artwork, often full of shadow, is a perfect context for the story and Surnaite has a lovely eye for the warmth of detail in drawing animals and young children.'
'Overcoming a fear of the dark can be stressful for both children and parents. I Love you, Bunny is a gentle début...which will hopefully allay any fears'
'Alina Surnaite uses pastels to create her soft focus, crepuscular scenes of familiar domesticity, casting a mood of gentle reassurance, which should help assuage such nocturnal fears.'