Made by Raffi

Made by Raffi by Craig Pomranz

Illustrated by:
Format: Hardback, 40 Pages
ISBN: 9781847804334
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Raffi is a shy boy who doesn’t like noisy games and is often teased at school. But when he gets the idea of making a scarf for his dad’s birthday he is full of enthusiasm, even though the other children think it is girly to knit. Then the day draws near for the school pageant, and there is one big problem – no costume for the prince. And that’s when Raffi has his most brilliant idea of all – to make a prince’s cape. On the day of the pageant, Raffi’s cape is the star of the show.

CRAIG POMRANZ is an internationally known singer and actor in New York, with a wide range of performance venues and a lively website. This is his first book.
MARGARET CHAMBERLAIN is a well-respected illustrator of children's books. She lives in Dorset. Her books for Frances Lincoln are Has Anyone Seen Jack? (9781845077068), Look Out He's Behind You (9781845077341), Tales from Grimm (9780711213418), My Two Grannies (9781847800343) and My Two Grandads (9781847800602).

Format: Hardback, 40 Pages
ISBN: 9781847804334
Size: 10.827 in x 0.423 in x 9.449 in / 275 mm x 10.75 mm x 240 mm
Age Range: 5-9 years

"looks special, very special indeed!"

"It's an excellent story, perceptive and thoughtful, about being confident with yourself, about not being swayed by others and doing what you think is right and handling opposition; family love is shown as vital too. It's good to be different!"

"This picturebook should find a place on school library shelves. It provides useful material for individuals or small group discussions on diversity, as it celebrates diversity."

"A theme that has been tackled before of course, but Raffi wears its message lightly without resort to mawkishness or sentimentality. A delightful book to share with a KS1/younger KS2 class which should provoke interesting discussion."

"Vibrant, affectionate and inclusive, this is a book which celebrates difference and shows that being creative is cool. A positive story to share with a group of children, it doesn't labour the message that everyone should be valued, whatever their talents."

"This book is for every child who has ever felt different."

Shortlisted for Little Rebel's Children's Book Award