The Red Baron's Ultimate Ducati Desmo Manual

Belt-Driven Camshafts L-Twins 1979 to 2017

The Red Baron's Ultimate Ducati Desmo Manual
Format: Paperback / softback, 280 Pages
ISBN: 9781845848781
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If you’re passionate about your Ducati, wish to know your motorcycle in real depth, and keep it in perfect shape with the loving care she’ll only receive from you, The Red Baron's Ultimate Ducati Desmo Manual is your book.

This comprehensive service manual for you and your Ducati will help you to perform all maintenance and repair operations in your own home workshop. From basic servicing to the most complex repair and adjustment operations, everything is covered.

The bikes covered in this book range from the first 1980 ‘Pantah’ to the ‘Testastretta Evoluzione’ models, and it spans 30 years of Ducati models. Within these pages you will discover the secrets of your pride and joy, and be enabled to enjoy making repairs or carrying out maintenance in your workshop or garage.

With the rhythm of their mechanical soul, and powerful twin heartbeat, Ducatis are motorcycles for true lovers of voluptuous Italian style and character. The author, Eduardo Cabrera, is better know in the Spanish ducatisti community as Baron Rojo (Red Baron), a lifelong Ducati owner and enthusiast, and a regular contributor to the Spanish Ducati online forum.

The author

Eduardo Cabrera, better know in the Spanish ducatisti community as Baron Rojo (Red Baron), was born in Madrid in 1972. Since his earliest memories, he has been passionate about motorcycles. He got his first bike in 2000: a Ducati 750 SS, and since then he’s only ridden Ducatis. With a natural inclination to all things mechanical, it was a breakdown of his 1988 Paso 750, just after a complete service by the dealer, that started his deep interest in the mechanics of that iconic Italian motorcycle. From a self-taught beginning, his fluency in English and French allowed him to further his knowledge in Ducati mechanics through foreign literature. It was in this way that a first rough draft of what would later become his Ultimate Ducati Desmo Manual started taking shape in a series of articles published online at, the main Spanish DOC forum. Thanks to the contacts he made with respected specialists in the Ducati marque, he’s been able to gain a complete knowledge and the ability to perform the most complex repairs. Progress in this work, and his recognition by the ducatisti, finally resulted in the opening of his own Ducati specialist workshop in early 2016.

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Format: Paperback / softback, 280 Pages
ISBN: 9781845848781
Illustrations: 1220 color photos
Size: 8.1 in x 10.6 in / 205.74 mm x 269.24 mm

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