American 1/2-ton Pickup Trucks of the 1950s

American 1/2-ton Pickup Trucks of the 1950s by Norm Mort

Format: Paperback / softback, 112 Pages
ISBN: 9781845848026
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American 1/2-ton Pickup Trucks of the 1950s reveals the important role played by the lightweight, high-production, and basic 1/2-ton pickup truck in American post-war society, a role often overshadowed by its innate ruggedness, reliability and utilitarian nature.

As the 1950s progressed, so did the evolution of the pickup truck, which added more and more style, greater comfort, and ever increasing equipment options to its burgeoning model range. After the few drab colours first offered at the start of the decade, the pickup truck would assume similar styling and tri-coloured pastel paint finishes to its flashy sibling car versions.

Focussing on truck specifications, optional equipment, and industry facts and figures, this book also highlights some of the rarer makes and models, includes never before published images, and a dedicated profile chapter detailing five different design approaches from the decade.

With original advertising material, vintage images, and new photographs taken by Norm's son Andrew Mort, this book is also a visual treat for fans of the 1950s pickup truck.

Of British descent, Norm Mort was raised in Toronto where vehicles from every corner of the world were sold. Before Norm was ten, he was already taking pictures of old cars parked at the side of the road. At 12 years of age, Norm was the youngest member on the executive of the Antique and Classic Car Club of Canada, Toronto Chapter. A Triumph and Stag enthusiast, Norm Mort’s first car was a 1962 TR3A, later followed by a Spitfire and a continual line of other sporting models. He has been a writer for car magazines and newspapers for the past 25 years.

Format: Paperback / softback, 112 Pages
ISBN: 9781845848026
Illustrations: 120 color & b-w photos
Size: 8.1 in x 7.5 in / 205.74 mm x 190.5 mm