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Nan Walton
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Partners celebrates the diversity of the canine contribution to our species, providing the reader with heart-warming stories of loyalty, perseverance and courage, as evidenced by examples of the five disciplines dealt with in Partners: law enforcement, guide dogs, therapy dogs, scent-detection dogs and search and rescue dogs.

Written by people who learned to trust their lives to the senses of a dog, and highlighting true examples of working dog behaviour, it enables all dog lovers to understand the inborn senses and instincts of their dog, which man can shape to his benefit.

Instincts tie these stories together: Bart finding a child lost on a mountain, Traveler pulling his blind partner from the path of a moving car, and Truman soothing the souls of abused children. With specific explanations of physiological attributes and innate characteristics - such as olfactory prowess, survival instincts, and intelligent disobedience - plus quotes from fifty canine professionals chronicling working dog behaviors, Partners demonstrates the similarities between the behaviour of a tender Cocker Spaniel that brought an abused child back to reality, and a tough law enforcement K9 that assured his handlers safety. This is the story Partners delivers - unity.

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Format Hardcover Book 160 Pages
ISBN 9781845844202
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Published Date June 1st, 2013
Nan Walton
With 18 years of in-the-field experience in search and rescue, forensic crime scene recovery, narcotics detection, and therapy dogs, DeeAnn 'NanÆ Walton has a unique understanding of dog behavior. SheÆs been there, experienced the training, the searches, the behavior, the push and pull to accomplish what man wants in the face of the dogÆs innate senses and inherent instincts. Through her writing, DeeAnn aims to draw attention to the positive, essential, life-saving, and heroic qualities that all dogs are born with, and remind us how worthy of our love and respect these amazing animals are.
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