Bluebird CN7  The Inside Story of Donald Campbell's Last Land Speed Record Car

Bluebird CN7 by Donald Stevens

The Inside Story of Donald Campbell's Last Land Speed Record Car

Format: Hardback, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9781845842802
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This book records the development, construction and operation of the last wheel-driven land speed record breaking car that the UK produced, and shows how the tragic demise of Donald Campbell prevented it from reaching its full potential. It is also the personal story of one of the design team, how he became involved, and his incredible experiences in doing so. With many previously unpublished photographs, drawings, and illustrations, this is a unique account of a legendary feat of engineering.

Donald Stevens was born in the East End of London, but grew up in Haywards Heath, the Sussex market town to which he was evacuated in 1939. In his early teenage years he became fascinated by aeroplanes and other machines, and on leaving school began training as a mechanical engineer.  At 19, he joined the newly-formed design consultancy Norris Brothers Ltd as its first employee, and became a member of the design team for Donald Campbell’s Bluebird hydroplane. Following National Service in the RAF, he became project co-ordinator for the design and construction of the ‘Bluebird’ car.

Format: Hardback, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9781845842802
Illustrations: 92 color ill
Size: 8.5 in x 10.125 in x 0.687 in / 215.9 mm x 257.18 mm x 17.462 mm
"BOOK OF THE MONTH. This is a wonderful book, written with love, and a reminder of Britain's inherent, if occasionally misplaced, can-do spirit." – Octane
"Essential reading for anyone interested in the Proteus-powered beauty." – Classic & Sports Car
 "This book is as engrossing as it is inspiring. Perhaps the best book ever written on a land speed car." – Racecar Engineering"With many previously unpublished photos, drawings and speed graphs, this book will prove fascinating to anyone with even the faintest interest in Campbell and the Bluebirds. A superb 160-page, very personal account of one of Britain's great and serial speed record competitors." – Totalkitcar
"This book is excellent for both technical and not so technical readers. This is a book to savour and revisit time after time. Donald Stevens waited a long time to write this book. We should be grateful he let us into his world." – Fast Facts
 "There are plenty of technical details and illustrations in this book to keep the mechanically minded engrossed, but the background to the personalities involved, the fascinating contributions of the various specialist suppliers and the nail-biting will-they/won't-they excitement make this a highly recommended read to anybody with an interest in cars, record breaking or British engineering and endeavour at its finest." – MG Enthusiast
 "Highly recommended, particularly to engineering readers." – Speedscene
 "A well-written and fascinating book that's packed with interesting photographs, drawings and other information. It's an absolute 'must' for anyone with an interest in the 'Bluebird Era.'" – Teme Valley Times