How to Build a Successful Low-Cost Rally Car

How to Build a Successful Low-Cost Rally Car by Philip Young

Format: Paperback / softback, 96 Pages
ISBN: 9781845842086
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This book sets out in graphic detail a hundred tips that cost very little but which will transform your car. For example, how a wire coat-hanger transforms an exhaust system so that it can survive the Sahara Desert, how a tube of bathroom silicone sealer waterproofs an engine, and how a garden chain ensures you don't break the engine-mountings. Simple, cost-effective, basic and reliable tips to ensure any rally car stands a chance of reaching the finishing line. From the lanes of Devon at night, to romping the wilderness of Mongolia, this book is full of illustrated detailed tips, as well as pictures of typical low cost cars setting out on international events. If you are planning any road-based rally, don't even think of leaving home before reading this book and implementing the tried and tested modes it describes so well.

Philip Young was so determined not to be a spectator just standing on the sidelines of the 1977 London to Sydney Marathon he built a kit-car Magenta for approximately $2000, and entered the rally as the smallest car and certainly the cheapest international rallycar in the line-up. He has taken part in six Himalayan rallies, in everything from the Archbishop of Canterbury's Morris Minor, a works Skoda, to ex-works Healey and Triumph TR8. Philip is generally credited with having kick-started the historic rally movement with events such as the Pirelli Classic Marathon, the Monte Carlo Challenge, Around the World in 80 Days, Classic Safari, and, in 1997, the 90th anniversary of the Peking to Paris. Philip has seen the pitfalls of where entrants go wrong, and, how bush mechanics make roadside repairs to get a car going again. Having entered rallies himself with no money, he is a keen advocate that u0022a stitch in time saves nineu0022 and that good preparation, even if from a garden shed, can help many a tortoise overtake a less well-prepared hare. Today he runs the Endurance Rally Association near Oxford.
Format: Paperback / softback, 96 Pages
ISBN: 9781845842086
Illustrations: 150 color ill
Size: 8.25 in x 10 in x 0.25 in / 209.55 mm x 254 mm x 6.35 mm

 "Buy the book, read it, be entertained ..." – The Motor Cycling Club

"Philip Young's writing is always entertaining and you'll enjoy this book even if you've no intention of going rallying ..." – Octane

"Never before has this sort of guidance been collated into one volume, so experienced rallyists are also bound to find something new ... an easy, enjoyable and worthwhile read." – The Marshal

"Clearly laid out, and split into sensible chapters, each chapter is written in a clear and concise manner with useful accompanying photographs. If you are driving a road-based rally, this book will help you get a result ... don't even fill in the entry form without it!" – Old Stager

"Who better to explain how to prep a budget rally car than experienced competitor and organizer Philip Young? As well as electrics, brakes, cooling and safety in the Allegro shell, he covers driving tips, events and sponsors." – Classic & Sports Car

"If you've always fancied your chances on one of those major European rallies – this is the best place to start." – New Zealand Classic Car

A thoroughly entertaining and informative read – this sort of book has been a long time coming and highly recommended to anyone embarking in building a competition car – especially one on a tight budget." – Mini Cooper Register