How to Draw & Paint Cars

How to Draw & Paint Cars by Tony Gardiner

Format: Paperback / softback, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9781845841249
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This book is not about learning how to draw and paint fashionable cars, super cars, tarted up street or ‘cool’ cars as referred to by some motoring journalists, it is about drawing and painting all types of cars.  The author has endeavored to distill experience from many years creating images on this subject into a book that will help and encourage those keen to  draw and paint cars, both for pleasure or as a career. The author takes you through the history of the car from it's conception in 1885 to current models with sketches and paintings created in a variety of mediums, with examples and step by step guides. Readers are  encouraged to develop their skills, whether raw beginners or accomplished artists. The road to success won’t be easy, but, through this book you will learn all the techniques short cuts accumulated over decades by an accomplished commercial artist. Whether for business or pleasure this book is THE handbook for automotive art. With 185 illustrations and step by step guides this is a must have for any budding auto artist.
Tony Gardiner studied Graphic Design and Illustration at the West Sussex College of Art & Crafts in Worthing, during the late 1950’s. It was during this period his love of the motor car came to the fore, spurred on by the famous victory of the Ecurie Ecosse team of Jaguar D Types  winning at Le Mans in 1957. This became clear when his  progress report for 1957/58, stated “has a weakness for converting all his compositions into motoring or other mechanical illustrations, this must be curbed”. On leaving college he worked as an illustrator  in the aviation industry, then to freelancing for various car magazines and then into the auto industry. Now specializing in illustrations in motoring publications and for private commissions for the likes of Rover Japan, Vauxhall, Motorsport, Pegueot, plus drivers such as Sir Stirling Moss and Derek Bell. Tony Gardiner’s work has graced the covers and pages of many motoring books and magazines. He is also an author in his own right, having  published ‘Motor Racing at Goodwood in the Sixties’, ‘The Brighton National Speed Trials’ and ‘RAC Rally Action’, all of which are personal recollections of the famous motoring events.
Format: Paperback / softback, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9781845841249
Illustrations: 185 color
Size: 8.31 in x 10.06 in x 0.42 in / 211.07 mm x 255.52 mm x 10.668 mm

Classic & Sports Car, June 2008
UK magazine
Circulation: 82,000

Illustrator Tony Gardiner covers a broad range of styles and subjects in 'How to Draw & Paint Cars'. Published by Veloce , this $35.95 paperback is an easy-to-follow introduction for budding automotive artists. Chapters on perspective, reflections and cutaways are excellent, but a section on computer tools would have been relevant.

Octane, June 2008
UK magazine
Circulation: unknown

There's a reassuringly traditional feel to this 'how to' softback, which majors on the style of illustration familiar from car mags of the 1930s to the '60s. Gardiner packs in a huge amount of expert advice, which will be vital to design students as well as to budding artists. Attractive, informative - recommended.


Australian Classic Cars, October 2008
Australian magazine

You may have never felt confident about drawing cars, but the process and the results that real artists achieve fascinate enthusiasts. Raised during the classic 60s, I have fond memories of those ‘cutaway’ drawings that were popular at the time.

This publication from well-known motoring artist Tony Gardiner is written for those who would like to start drawing or improve their skills. It details the basic essentials of light, reflections and scale, and demonstrates the way a car’s perspective in a three-quarter front view recedes slightly towards the rear. He also discusses specialized topics including suspension angles, grilles, lamps, and choosing ink, pencil or paint. I admired the renditions of the rally BMC Mini, and the multiple views of the D50 Lancia/Ferrari may inspire you to pull out pencil and paper for some sketching of your own.

New Zealand Classic Car, September 2008
NZ magazine

Illustrator Tony Gardiner has put together a very interesting book, covering a wide range of both styles and subject. With simple, step-by-step instructions on composition, cutaway illustrations and perspective this book should be useful to anyone who fancies themselves as an automotive artist. Gardiner's illustrations show what a good artist should be capable of producing. the lack of a section on computer-generated art shows the author is a little behind the times.