Chocolate Modelling Cake Toppers

101 tasty ideas for candy clay, modelling chocolate and other fondant alternatives

Chocolate Modelling Cake Toppers
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Format: Paperback / softback, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781845435851
Publisher: Apple Press
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Create stunning cake toppers for all occasions using mouth-watering modelling chocolate. In comparison to other decorating pastes, chocolate has a stiffer consistency and a delicious taste – allowing you to create ambitious detailed toppers with ease.

The projects in this book are perfect for the beginner, progressing to more detailed projects for the advanced cake-decorator, yet you only need the most basic tools to complete each project. Tutorials include, Teddy Bear Cake Pops, Chocolate Roses, Graduation Cupcakes, Father’s Day Cake Toppers, Chocolate Wedding Favors and Superhero Cake Pops.

Complete with step-by-step instructions and beautiful images to release the hidden baker within you, you will be sure to surprise and wow your friends and family with these wonderful creations.

The author

RAMLA KHAN is an accomplished cake designer, owner of London-based wedding cake company  The Enchanting Cake Company. While growing up, Ramla's life revolved around good food  and decadent desserts. Naturally, she found a passion for creating glorious new treats€ ” much  to the delight of her family. This passion eventually led to her winning a place in Britain's top  five young dessert designers at the age of 16.
Ramla decided to put her passion on hold while she followed her academic ambitions and  graduated in Dentistry from a top London university. While pursuing her career in dentistry,  her passion re-ignited, and Ramla decided to take up cake decorating as a part-time hobby. The  cakes were so admired by everyone, that Ramla soon started receiving commissions for her  work and eventually had to choose between her two careers.  Ramla officially set up her business, and in just a short space of time, received numerous  awards and recognition for her work, featuring in national publications including Hello  magazine and Delicious magazine. Today, she takes her inspiration from the latest fashions  and trends, but keeps true to her natural style, incorporating a unique blend of simple  yet classy elegance.

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Format: Paperback / softback, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781845435851
Size: 7.48 in x 9.685 in / 190 mm x 246 mm

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