500 Light Meals

500 Light Meals by Deborah Gray

Format: Hardback, 288 Pages
ISBN: 9781845435110
Publisher: Apple Press
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500 light meals is a book full of delicious recipes which are designed to be healthy and low in calories. This is not specifically a diet book, but instead is designed to support and to inspire those who want to watch their food intake, but do not want to count each calorie. For this reason the meals in the book are not calorie counted but as a rough guide, per por tion, main courses are well under 500 calories, lighter dishes under 350, and desser ts and baked goods, no more than 300 calories. The objective behind the recipes is to cook some familiar and some new and creative meals using less fat and sugar than usual but without compromising on flavor and texture. The recipes generally use minimal amounts of cooking oils or low-fat cooking sprays, non-fat or low-fat dair y products, and lean meats, as well as utilizing clever tricks and substitutions to omit or reduce high-fat and high-cholesteral ingredients. These techniques are mentioned many of the introductions to the recipes and can be adapted for use in other recipes which you like to make, helping you to become a lighter, healthier cook.

DEBORAH GRAY has had an interest in cookery since working as a Saturday girl in a trendy health food café in London. Following a spell working in publishing in California, she returned to London and began working on extended cookery partworks. She went on to write a number of family cookbooks and has been a cookery editor on very many more. She returned to America with her family, but is now settled in the Wiltshire countryside where she has access to wonderful fresh farm produce and country air. Her children have recently finished college, during which time she has regularly supplied help and advice on what and how to cook, often while the youngsters   were standing in the supermarket pouring over the reduced price items or staring into an almost empty cupboard.

Format: Hardback, 288 Pages
ISBN: 9781845435110
Size: 5.906 in x 5.906 in / 150 mm x 150 mm