The  Wood Handbook

The Wood Handbook by Nick Gibbs

An Illustrated Guide to 100 Decorative Real Woods and Their Uses

Format: Hardback, 256 Pages
ISBN: 9781845434632
Publisher: Apple Press
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The Wood Handbook is aimed at anyone working with wood. Woodworkers, crafters, and interior designers will open this book to learn more about the wood they regularly use or to discover species they hadn’ t previously considered.

Find out how trees are converted into boards and veneer, how some of the remarkable natural effects occur and which wood can be bought from sustainable sources. Packed with advice on buying and storing timber, this authoritative guide features photographs of each wood in detail and to scale, enabling the true beauty of the grain to shine through.

Nick Gibbs trained as a journalist but worked for many years as a carpenter before becoming editor of Woodworker magazine. He then launched Good Woodworking, a groundbreaking title that became Britain's best-selling woodworking magazine. He now works as a freelance writer, editor and woodcarver.
Format: Hardback, 256 Pages
ISBN: 9781845434632
Size: 5.709 in x 7.677 in / 145 mm x 195 mm