What Makes Great Photography

What Makes Great Photography by Val Williams

80 Masterpieces Explained

Format: Paperback / softback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9781845434533
Publisher: Apple Press
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Why are some photographs so much more effective and powerful than others? What Makes Great Photography showcases 80 outstanding photographs from the first daguerrotypes to today’ s digital masterpieces and by photographers as diverse as Alfred Stieglitz, Diane Arbus, Ernst Haas and Don McCullin.

Val Williams highlights the elements of each photograph that distinguishes it from its peers, such as composition, colour, texture and fidelity to subject, explaining just what it is that makes it so great. Her insightful text will open your eyes to the defining qualities of the key photographs of every period and genre, from portraiture to landscape and from photojournalism to the nude.

Val Williams is professor of the history and culture of photography and director of the Photography and Archive Research Centre at the London College of Communication, where she initiates new research projects. She was the joint curator of How We Are: Photographing Britain for Tate Britain in 2006. She is also an editor of the journal Photography & Culture, launched in 2008.
Format: Paperback / softback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9781845434533
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