Making Cute and Cuddly Sock Creatures

Sockology Making Cute and Cuddly Sock Creatures
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Format: Paperback / softback, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781845434373
Publisher: Apple Press
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Let your imagination run wild… with these adorable sock creatures! Take your socks a step further with these sewing projects and find endless inspiration. With these projects, you can transform any sock – new ones, old ones, even the ones with holes – into something really fun like a fluffy sheep, a fuzzy bear or a quirky alien. Making these critters will keep you entertained for hours, and you’ll want to make them all!

Brenna’s wonderful sense of humour throughout the book will keep you giggling as you work…

The author

Brenna Maloney, author of the best-selling book, Socks Appeal, is also an award-winning journalist. When not covering news stories, she stays up late making odd things out of socks and eating entirely too many mints. Brenna and her family live in Washington, D.C.

Reader reviews


Format: Paperback / softback, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781845434373
Size: 7.48 in x 9.488 in / 190 mm x 241 mm

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