The  Golden Book of Desserts

The Golden Book of Desserts by Carla Bardi and Rachel Lane

Over 250 Great Recipes

Format: Hardback, 608 Pages
ISBN: 9781845434281
Publisher: Apple Press
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A scrumptious dessert makes the perfect finish to any meal, whether it be a week-night or weekend lunch or supper for the family and friends or an elegant formal dinner party.

Here you will find more than 250 delectable dessert ideas, ranging form flans, custards, mousses, trifles, charlottes, ice creams and meringues to layer cakes and rolls, pies, tarts, puddings, souffl├ęs, crepes, fritters and pastries. The Golden Book of Desserts also includes many step-by-steps sequences explaining basic techniques. This is the one-stop dessert book for home cooks. Enjoy!

Carla Bardi is the author of numerous books on cooking. Bardi learned to cook at an early age, encouraged by an extended family of talented cooks in Tuscany. She now runs a small vineyard and summertime restaurant on the shores of Lake Bolsena, in central Italy.

Rachel Lane has worked as a private chef on estates in the UK and France, and is the author of several cookbooks.

Format: Hardback, 608 Pages
ISBN: 9781845434281
Size: 6.299 in x 8.268 in / 160 mm x 210 mm