The  Decadent Housewife

The Decadent Housewife by Rosemary Counter

How to Live Lavishly on His Budget

Format: Hardback, 112 Pages
ISBN: 9781845433659
Publisher: Apple Press
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It can be a struggle to fit everything in to one day – you are just one woman after all. Like the art of idleness or the business of party-hopping, cultivating the art of Decadent Housewifery is not for the faint of heart. (Though fainting, you’ ll learn, is an excellent tactic.) So to make sure you’ re making the most of your high-maintenance lifestyle, spend a day in the life of a real Decadent Housewife. From lazy lunches to retail therapy, The Decadent Housewife is your guide to filling your days with fabulousness, feigning the skills necessary and micromanaging your man.

From the moment you send your man off to earn his keep, the housewife’ s day should be swamped with beauty, fashion, delicious food and drink, mingling and general fabulousness. From burning pancakes to mid-morning martinis, this is the ultimate guide to finding and nurturing your inner housewife.

Rosemary Counter has been published in Chatelaine and The Globe & Mail. She studied English literature and Women's Studies at the University of Toronto, where she learned keen sense of irony and how to write a kick-ass paper without reading a book.
Format: Hardback, 112 Pages
ISBN: 9781845433659
Size: 5.984 in x 8.504 in / 152 mm x 216 mm