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In a time of ever-changing health advice, one thing remains constant – nutritionists all agree that raw vegetables are the greatest source of essential nutrients. Simple to prepare and extremely versatile, salads are the most delicious way to include a wide variety of these important vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. Salads can be prepared as an appetiser, protein-filled main courses, and even served as a refreshing, health-conscious dessert. You never knew how delectable a simple salad could be!

500 Salads is a comprehensive compendium that is sure to inspire a small but not significant revolution in your kitchen. Bursting with mouth-watering ideas for new, fresh, seasonal salads, this indispensable guide contains tips on which greens best compliment each other, which dressings pair nicely with the various lettuces, and suggests what flavours to combine to achieve the perfect salad every time. For those looking to expand their repertoire, the variations demonstrate just how easily this can be done.

About the author
Susannah Blake is a vibrant young food writer based in Essex. With over ten years of experience in food publishing, she contributes to magazines, newspapers and books. She has a particular interest in healthy eating and cooking with fruit and vegetables. As a result she has a passion for salads and enjoys creating and eating exciting, flavoursome combinations.

Format Hardcover Book 288 Pages
ISBN 9781845433529
Size5.91 in x 5.91 in / 150.00 mm x 150.00 mm
Published Date May 1st, 2010
Susannah Blake

SUSANNAH BLAKE is a London-based freelance food writer and editor. She consults, commissions, project-manages, art-directs and writes for various book publishers and magazines. She has produced over 30 cookbooks, including four award-winning titles. Her previous titles include 500 Appetisers and 500 Soups.

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