Motorsport Fitness Manual

Motorsport Fitness Manual by R.S. Jutley

Improve your performance with physical and mental training

Format: Hardcover Book , 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781844255436
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Peak fitness is a prerequisite for a competitive edge, and top motorsport teams routinely employ medics, psychologists, dieticians and even armed forces specialists to help drivers hone their performance. It’s a different picture at national and club level, where poor preparation can blight potential. Here, however, a doctor who competes as a rally driver offers expert information on all aspects of physical and mental fitness, including diet, training, safety and medical regulations.
Nottingham-based Dr Raj Jutley, a consultant with a speciality for thoracic and cardiovascular conditions, is a motorsport enthusiast who has served in a medical role at numerous races and rallies.
Format: Hardcover Book , 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781844255436
Illustrations: 160 color ill
Size: 8.25 in x 10.65 in / 210 mm x 271 mm