Subtitle Foleshill Road and Browns Lane 1949 to 1978

Brian James, John Starkey
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In Jaguar from the Shop Floor, Brian Martin tells the story of his life as a long-time employee at Jaguar, giving a first-hand account of the development and production processes, and the ups and downs of factory life through the eyes of someone who was actually there.
In this part-autobiographical and part-historical account, the author tells of his childhood in a typical working family of the depression era, and then describes his career from starting at the Jaguar factory in 1949, through a spell doing national service in the RAF and then going back to Jaguar. He left briefly in 1972 to try other jobs, but returned to the factory in the mid-1970s.
Providing a fascinating insight into the Jaguar production process, the book also covers the development of the XK120, Mk V, Mk VII, MK X.  The Mark 1 and 2 (2.4, 3.4 & 3.8 litre) saloons, the XKSS, E1A, E2A, lightweight E Types, XJ6 XJ12 & XJS.
Format Hardcover Book 192 Pages
ISBN 9781787112797
Size6.10 in x 9.10 in / 154.94 mm x 231.14 mm
Published Date August 21st, 2018
Brian James
The author has spent most of his working life in the employ of Jaguar Cars Ltd. He is a long time member of both The Jaguar Drivers’ Club, The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club, The Jaguar Apprentices’ Motor Club and was a founder member and ex-chairman of The Jaguar Car Club. During his employment he has held various positions with the Jaguar company, from assembly worker to experimental and development engineer, and junior management. He is a lifelong enthusiast of the Jaguar marque and has owned many of the models described in this book. (he currently owns a 2001 XJ8).
John Starkey
John Starkey is a self-confessed racing fanatic, has owned many different sports cars, and has competed in hill-climbs, rallies and vintage sports car races since the 1960s. Originally from Birmingham in the UK, John’s early career included managing the comedian Jasper Carrott and curating the famous Donington racing car collection. He now lives in Florida, where he runs a racing car business, and works as a consultant, researcher and author. He has written more than 20 motor racing history books published by Veloce.
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