Baby Bird

Baby Bird by Andrew Gibbs and Zosienka

Illustrated by:
Format: Hardback, 40 Pages
ISBN: 9781786030122
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‘All birds are born to fly,’ thinks Baby Bird, watching the other hatchlings leave the nest. ‘I suppose it’s now or never…’ But one of Baby’s wings is twisted and shrunken and not at all like the other one. Instead of flying, Baby plummets to the ground. There, Baby makes a new friend, and learns that sometimes you have to find unexpected ways to achieve your dreams. A moving story about the power of friendship and the importance of accepting yourself just the way you are, this lovely watercolour picture book shows how friends can help you overcome difficulty.

Andrew Gibbs is a writer and filmmaker. He lives between London and Cape Town, because he likes the city and the sea. Baby Bird is his debut picture book.


Zosienka is an illustrator and print designer from London who specializes in intricate drawings and watercolours. She has collaborated with confectioners, high-street fashion brands, recording artists and independent filmmakers. Baby Bird is her debut picture book.

Format: Hardback, 40 Pages
ISBN: 9781786030122
Size: 10.866 in x 9.252 in / 276 mm x 235 mm
'a powerful story about friendship & inclusivity...beautifully addresses themes of disability, determination and finding different ways to achieve difficult goals’ 
'Baby Bird is like Finding Nemo meets a determined little bird... A lovely story that teaches children (and their parents) to keep on trying even when things aren't going well...the beautiful illustrations by Zosienka were mesmerising!'
'a lovely story with delightful illustrations and the message, gently told, of accepting yourself the way you are, and making adaptions - with help from his friends.'
'I really loved this, especially the bird because he was so brave!'
'I really liked the pictures of the birds in the book. The Baby Bird is very colourful. Even though he can't do everything his bird brothers and sisters do he is still happy.'
'Beautiful illustrations. We particularly liked the birds eating the worms and the aerial view of the countryside.'
'An emotive story about loving yourself, having big dreams and the power of friendship... With sumptuously inky illustrations'
'A powerful story addressing themes of disability, determination and finding different ways to a achieve difficult goals.'
'I love it when a beautiful cover draws me into a book - and this cover is simply gorgeous... Zosienka is the illustrator, who so perfectly conveys the emotion of the book through delicate watercolours; text and illustrations combine to bring a strong message of acceptance, perseverance and friendship'