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Charles Esdaile
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Almost two centuries since his death, Napoleon Bonaparte remains the subject of vigorous debate. On one side are those with a romantic attachment to ideals of liberty and democracy, on the other are those who would rather see him as an ambitious warlord, bent on establishing a colonial empire in the heart of Europe. 30-Second Napoleon takes in both viewpoints, presenting an engrossing introduction to one of the most recognizable figures in history and one of extraordinary interest whichever point of view you take, romantic or pragmatic: one who did much to modernize Europe, and who stood for both a powerful state and for rational and efficient government, plus such principles as equality before the law and the career open to talent—achievements that explain his continued fascination for so many people.
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Published Date February 14th, 2019
Charles Esdaile
Professor Charles Esdaile was educated at the University of Lancaster, and, after 15 years at the University of Liverpool, was appointed to a personal chair there in 2004. Between 2008 and 2014 he was Academic Vice-President of Peninsular War 200, and his major publications include Fighting Napoleon (2004), Napoleon’s Wars: an International History (2007), and Women in the Peninsular War (2014).
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