Everyday Journeys of Ordinary Things

Everyday Journeys of Ordinary Things
Format: Hardback, 48 Pages
ISBN: 9781782406358
Publisher: Ivy Kids
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Young children are full of questions about how the world works; the processes and machinations behind the scenes. Why does a light come on when you flick a switch? How can cheese from the supermarket have come out of a cow? What happens when you send a text? Where does your poo go when you flush?(!) All very good questions, and all explained—along with many more—in The Everyday Journey of Ordinary Things. With graphic, flowing illustrations and clear, colloquial chunks of text, each process is explained from its early beginnings to a satisfying conclusion. Alongside physical processes, readers are also introduced to the journeys of more abstract concepts such as information and money, as well as ecologically important processes including recycling and the water cycle. Visually arresting, informative and accessible, this is the book for every child who ever wondered, “How?”

The author

Libby Deutsch lives in Brighton with her husband and two sons. She has worked in children's publishing as both a copywriter and an editor and now writes full time.

Libby Deutsch is a children’s author and editor who has published over fifty books for children. 

Valpuri Kerttula is a graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art. She currently lives in Finland and creates artwork for children’s books, school textbooks, and editorial commissions. Her style is bright, playful and colorful. She loves developing curious characters based on both her real life and her imagination.

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Format: Hardback, 48 Pages
ISBN: 9781782406358
Size: 9.843 in x 11.693 in / 250 mm x 297 mm