Swimming Science

Optimum performance in the water

Swimming Science Optimum performance in the water
Format: Hardback, 192 Pages
ISBN: 9781782405771
Publisher: Ivy Press
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Just one hundredth of a second separates elite swimmers from the podium, but what are the physical forces at work behind these tiny margins, and how can an understanding of them be used to improve your own technique in the pool? 

Swimming Science investigates, with each chapter focussing on a different area. From swimming technology, physiology, and psychology to hydrodynamics, the key principles of swimming science are addressed, with the content organised around a series of questions. What creates the drag in the water? How have swim suits evolved? Which muscles generate propulsion? How much force do elite swimmers use? Each question is investigated using up-to-date science and explanatory info-graphics. 

The author

Dr. G. John Mullen graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California (USC). 
At USC, John worked on projects investigating lung adaptations in swimmers. He has contributed to Swimming World Magazine, Swimmer Magazine, the Journal of the International Society of Swim Coaches, Sports Rehab Expert, and STACK Magazine. He is also the founder of Swimming Science, the monthly Swimming Science Research Review, and the Swimmer’s Shoulder System. He is on the advisory board for the International Society of Swim Coaches. 

Dr. John consults for many sports teams and is the CEO of COR Physical Therapy and Personal Training in Santa Clara, CA. He swam collegiately at Purdue University and is currently a Masters World Record holder.

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Format: Hardback, 192 Pages
ISBN: 9781782405771
Illustrations: Full Colour Throughout
Size: 8.976 in x 9.843 in / 228 mm x 250 mm