My Year in Small Drawings

My Year in Small Drawings by Matilda Tristram

Notice, Draw, Appreciate

Format: Paperback / softback, 240 Pages
ISBN: 9781782405344
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Explore the extraordinary in the ordinary with this charming visual diary like no other! Create and collect the small details around you and build up dozens of dinky drawings for your own uniquely personal record. From tangles of cables to window frames to tree buds, learn to see everyday things in a new way and explore their simple - and sometimes surprising - beauty by drawing them. With expert advice on how to simplify what we see; which pens and pencils to use; colour; and using perspective plus suggestions for drawing every day of the year, this is an opportunity to embrace your creativity and build up a unique and delightful personal sketch collection.

Matilda Tristram is an animator and illustrator. She teaches at Kingston University in London, and leads workshops on “drawing as therapy” at the School of Life.
Matilda has co-written childrens’ television shows including the Bafta-winning animation Dipdap, and is the author of autobiographical diary comic Probably Nothing: A Diary of Not-Your-Average Nine Months (Penguin, 2014).
She studied at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 2008, and now lives with her family in London. Matilda really likes drawing telegraph poles.

Format: Paperback / softback, 240 Pages
ISBN: 9781782405344
Size: 5.315 in x 6.496 in / 135 mm x 165 mm
"Inspiring and fun, the book examines how to draw with purpose and look outwards to find the stories of the places and things around you. The more you draw, the more it may feel natural and flow like writing. The book provides guidance, tips and inspiration throughout."
""This gorgeous little book can accompany you everywhere and really does help you appreciate the little things that you might otherwise miss. The illustrations are perfect for inspiring your own creativity – even if you're someone who doesn't usually draw."
"This is a beguiling small journal that provides an easy framework for anyone who might not know quite where to start with their mark making."
"It's both a visual diary presenting some sweet, energetic sketches and a guide to drawing itself: each page offers her valuable insights on abstract things, like how to see the world anew by drawing it, as well as more technical aspects of drawing like which pens and pencils to use for different tasks and how best to use colour. It's like one of those ubiquitous colouring books, but better."
"By actively encouraging us to slow down and look at the world around us, books like these enable us to take time out of our busy lives and just enjoy the present moment."
"Matilda shows you how to easily copy the objects all around you. You’ll find it’s very calming."
"This book encourages you to draw, draw lots, and make the most of each day, as she evidently does. Who could argue with that?"
"This charming journal will encourage you to pay more attention to your surroundings and help record moments, objects or scenes you want to remember."
"Cleverly designed to be carried around, My Year In Small Drawings invites you to notice and draw the simplest details in life, from your daily commute to curious travels around the world. Plus, Matilda Tristram offers her expert advice on colour and tools so you can observe, sketch and enjoy!"