Owls A guide to every species

Owls by Marianne Taylor

A guide to every species

Format: Hardback, 256 Pages
ISBN: 9781782404040
Publisher: Ivy Press
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"The world's owls fully covered." - Birdwatch magazine

From ancient myth and superstition to the most popular modern children’s stories, these beautiful, deadly birds are harbingers of good and bad news, icons of fear and wisdom, and powerful sidekicks of magic-makers.
Their charm and mystique resonate through human history, yet uncovering the reality of their lives is a tremendous challenge, as most are nocturnal and many extremely secretive. This charming and informative book brings together full descriptions and distribution maps for all 225 owl species in the world,  including the most recently discovered, and includes details on hunting and breeding behaviour, habitat and conservation.
With stunning colour photographs of even the shyest and most elusive owl species, provided by leading wildlife photographers from around the world, this is a must for any bird enthusiast.

Marianne Taylor (California, USA) is a freelance writer, illustrator, photographer and editor. She worked for seven years in natural history publishing, and her particular interest in owls was sparked by a period in 2005 working with bird ringers studying Ural, Tengmalm’s and Eagle Owls in the forests of Sweden. She has written on a range of natural history subjects and her er previous books include the RSPB British Birds of Prey.

Format: Hardback, 256 Pages
ISBN: 9781782404040
Size: 8.858 in x 11.811 in / 225 mm x 300 mm
"Not only is the book superbly written with stunning photography, it also has a few surprises hidden within..."
"The world's owls fully covered."
"Marianne profiles all known owl species with descriptions and spectacular photos!"