Beds & Borders

Beds & Borders by Simon Maughan and Jane Courtier

The Mix & Match Guide to Beautiful Planting

Format: Spiral bound, 104 Pages
ISBN: 9781782401537
Publisher: Ivy Press
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Beautiful and varied beds and borders are the backbone of a successful garden and in todays modern plots, theyre no longer rigidly planted and trimmed into neat rows: the twenty-first centurys borders are, instead, planned with an eye to being green, wildlife-friendly, and gorgeously and appealingly dishevelled. Not only that, but they need to offer year-round colour and interest, and be reasonably easy to maintain, too. So whats a busy gardener to do? Its simple. Pick up Beds & Borders, and flick through the mix-and-match split pages. Whatever youre working with sun or shade, a hot or cool color scheme, a bed thats crying out for perennial interest, or a border that you want to attract as much wildlife as possible. A wide-ranging mix of plants divides into strong shrubs and perennials that offer great background and structure; colorful, long-flowering stars for eye-catching effects, and short-but-striking options, many scented, that work best at the front of a border. Match the dots on each entry to ensure a compatible and beguiling mix, and plant up the results: youre guaranteed lovely and harmonious results.

Simon Maughan studied Plant Science under some of the world’s leading botanists at the University of Edinburgh and, in addition to authoring many gardening books, has worked as both editor and publisher for the RHS for over a decade.

Jane Courtier has a diploma in horticulture and over 30 years of practical gardening experience. She was also long-time deputy editor of Amateur Gardening, contributes to a wide range of magazines and has written more than 20 books on gardening. 

Format: Spiral bound, 104 Pages
ISBN: 9781782401537
Illustrations: Illustrated in colour throughout
Size: 5.512 in x 9.055 in / 140 mm x 230 mm