30-Second Ancient Rome

The 50 Most Important Achievements of a Timeless Civilization, each Explained in Half a Minute

30-Second Ancient Rome
Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781782401315
Publisher: Ivy Press
Series: 30 Second
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You know that Rome wasnt built in a day, but just how did a cluster of small hilltop villages expand to become one of the greatest empires in history? Why did Romulus kill his brother Remus? How was a legion organized? Did people really speak Latin? What entertainment could you see at the Colosseum? And what was daily life like for a Roman citizen? This book takes a novel approach to answering all these questions and more. 30-Second Ancient Rome presents a unique insight into one of the most brilliantly governed societies, where military might and expansive empire paved the way for technological advances that helped shape our modern existence. From aqueducts to sewers, from mosaics to medical diagnoses, this is the straightest road toward understanding the 50 key innovations and ideas that developed and defined one of the worlds great civilizations.

The author

Dr Matthew Nicholls (Reading, UK) read Classics at St John’s College Oxford, where he completed his DPhil. He moved on to a junior research fellowship at The Queen’s College before taking up a lectureship at the University of Reading, where he is now an associate professor of ancient history.
His research interests include books and libraries in the ancient world, from Alexandria and Pergamum in the Greek east to Rome in the west, and he has recently published extensively on a newly discovered text by the Greek medical writer Galen. His other interests include the digital reconstruction of ancient buildings and cities, and travel in the Greco-Roman world.

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Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781782401315
Illustrations: Illustrated in colour throughout
Size: 7.087 in x 9.055 in / 180 mm x 230 mm