Science Quest: Amazon Adventure

Science Quest: Amazon Adventure by Dan Green

Format: Other book format, 48 Pages
ISBN: 9781781711804
Publisher: QED Publishing
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Be a hero! Create your own adventure and explore the jungle.

It is years since your uncle disappeared in the Amazon, but you are determined to find him.

Can you crack rainforest riddles and biology brain-teasers to find your way through the jungle?

Or will the tangle of trees lead you into a trap?


Science Quest:

Readers must use their problem-solving skills and scientific knowledge to navigate through four thrilling adventures, learning more about science with every step they take.

Complete your mission to become a science whizz!

The Science Quest series includes:

Amazon Adventure: 9781781711804

Fun Fair Fright: 9781781711781

Lost in Space: 9781781711811

The Secret Formula: 9781781711798

DAN GREEN studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. He has written and edited many popular science titles and humorous books, worked as a travel writer, as well as developing and editing the successful Horrible Science magazine collection. He is the “voice” of Basher’s bestselling science-made-easy books, and to date has written nine titles in the series.

Format: Other book format, 48 Pages
ISBN: 9781781711804
Size: 8.858 in x 6.693 in / 225 mm x 170 mm