Atlas of Untamed Places

Atlas of Untamed Places by Chris Fitch

An extraordinary journey through our wild world

Format: Hardback, 208 Pages
ISBN: 9781781316771
Publisher: Aurum Press
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With beautiful, unique maps and evocative photography, Atlas of Untamed Places is an intrepid voyage to nature’s wildest places. 

In a world that has increasingly become tamed by human activity, the true wild holds a growing mysticism. Rugged landscapes with unspoilt scenery invoke romantic visions of paradise, but there are also intense and powerful wildernesses that produce fear and awe alike and unexplored zones where feral wildlife roams in the shadows.
Chris Fitch takes you on a journey through the world’s most wild places, visiting immensely diverse floral kingdoms, remote jungles abundant with exotic birds, and both freezing cold and scorching hot inhospitable environments. From these natural havens we travel to the extreme and the incredible: lightning inducing lakes, acidic mud baths, and man-eating tiger kingdoms.
We encounter places being reclaimed by nature, such as Chernobyl, that after being left abandoned for years are returning to a natural wilderness, free from human intervention. Not forgetting those most bizarre of destinations, such as the tidal surges of the Qiantang River, the bridge to Modo Island that emerges from the sea, and the strange magnetic pull of Jabuka rock.

Chris Fitch is senior staff writer for Geographical, the official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). After growing up among the wild tropical rainforests of Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, he now lives in London. @christophfitch

Format: Hardback, 208 Pages
ISBN: 9781781316771
Illustrations: 45 maps and 45 b&w photographs
Size: 7.283 in x 10.197 in / 185 mm x 259 mm
Illustrated with clear maps and black and white photography, it is an atlas of destinations so remote, rugged and bizarre that many chapters could be describing locations on alien planets.
This is a travel book like no other. Expect to find brief, but compelling descriptions of each location, unusual maps, and interesting photography.
Armchair travelers will be attentive as well, grateful that Fitch has done the heavy lifting to shed light on these amazements.